UAHuntsville team develops patent search engine

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — Just like a lot of great discoveries, a new Internet-based search tool was the result of work on another project.

And that new tool resulted in a $24,000 payday for a local company from the Alabama Launchpad Business Plan Competition.

Well, $24,620 to be exact.

“We were looking at something else” searching for patent information, said Tony Rainoldi of Arch Data Intelligence. “We were having trouble with some issues and talked to attorneys and asked what they do for patent searches.”

Then, Rainoldi, who has a master’s in electrical engineering from UAH, teamed with Jason Martin and Brad Chassee, who all also have engineering masters from UAH to find a better patent search engine.

“All the sites had their own issues,” Rainoldi said. “So we said ‘let’s put something together.’ “

They launched it last October and are “rockin’ ‘n rollin’ now.”

The search engine – found at – enables users to “intelligently’ sift through the millions of patent filings to find relevant information, he said.

“The objective of ArchPatent is on providing the simplest, most intuitive USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) search tool – one which experts enjoy using and one which those new to patent searching would actually be able to navigate,” Rainoldi said.

ArchPatent wants everyone to be able to “slice and dice” patent search results quickly and efficiently, which should drastically reduce search times and simplify complex search tasks, he said.

via University of Alabama in Huntsville team develops patent search engine |

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